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Friday 18.10.2019
The students have their energy back. Brighton must have been refreshing! They are now in their final lessons of the week, and having a few vocab games, quizzes and projects. To finish off, we present certificates and the prize for Student of the Week.

After lunch, the final activity ...

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Friday 11.10.2019
This week is a short stay in terms of the Seaford stay, with the group only having five nights with us here. That's because they are heading to London today, for three nights in the capital. This gives them an excellent chance to experience a range of sights, sounds and activities i...

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Our second HTL Leoben group is visiting us at the moment. They are staying with host families in Carrigaline and during the second half of their trip they will drive along the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way. We wish them a great time in Ireland!
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Montag, 30.09.2019

Die Gruppe ist pünktlich mit dem Busunternehmen Eibisberger in Frohnleiten zu den H2 Projekttagen English & Sports in Portoroz gestartet.

Frisch angekommen geht es erstmal zum Mittagessen.

Nach einer guten Stärkung kühlten sich die Kids erstmal im Wasser von wunderschönen Fiesa a...

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Wednesday 25.09.2019
Well, it's rained a lot last night, but not before the students had returned from Brighton, where they had much better weather, even some sunshine. :-)  Today is another damp start but it should improve in time for the afternoon activity, which is a trip to Beachy Head&...
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Monday, 23rd September 2019
We are back to typical Irish weather with rain pouring down like "cats and dogs". Thankfully the weather forecast gives a good outlook for the afternoon - fingers crossed that it will stay dry when the students will visit the famous Blarney Castle. The English le...
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Saturday, 21st September 2019
The flight to Graz (via Frankfurt) took off on time. We wish all students a wonderful start back in Austria. It was nice to meet you all! Best wishes from all at the H2 Team: Lucy, Jackie, Brian, Michael, Gina, Mary and Lisa. 
Friday, 20th September 2019
The group had...
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Saturday, 15.09.2018
The plane to Vienna took off on time at 12.15pm. The H2 team Gina, Mary, Michael, Lucy, Jackie and Lisa would like to thank the group for visiting "The Emerald Isle"! We hope they enjoyed their stay in County Cork and in Dublin. 

Friday, 14.09.2018
The students had t...
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Saturday, 22.09.2018
The group had an early start as the plane was scheduled for 9:10 in the morning. It took off in time and the students waved good-bye to Dublin and to the beautiful and green Ireland. However, the connection flight to Graz got cancelled by the flight company and therefore the stud...
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Friday 28.09.2018

A bit cloudier today, and a bit cooler, but that’s not a big problem as the group are in London for the day. It’s set to be dry, which is good for the walking sightseeing tour that the students will undertake.

They will of course, see all the major sights, starting with a look to see...

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Saturday, 29.09.2018
We hope the HTL Leoben students enjoyed their stay on the Emerald isle! They left early in the morning - the flight departure to Frankfurt was in time and all went smoothly from there on back home to Austria. Thanks for visiting Ireland - many regards from the H2:IRL Team - Micha...
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Thursday 04.10.2018
The week continues, and the students should be getting used to life in England now. They are in class this morning, and will be designing a sales brochure in Ollie’s lesson and looking at some sporting vocabulary in Dean’s.

They will need the latter in the afternoon, as we are...

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Friday 04.10.2019
So school has finished today and the students said their farewells to Dean and Chloe. We rounded off the week by presenting certificates to everyone and the Student of the Week prize to one student in each class. This rewarded their motivation and hard work in class this week. So, w...

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Saturday, 06.10.2018
The students had to get up very early in the morning as the flight was already at 12:15 from Dublin airport. They left at 6am after they had waved good-bye to their lovely host families. All went smoothly at the airport and the plane took off in time. It was lovely to meet the BA...
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Wednesday, 06.03.2019
All went smoothly at the check-in and security controls. The plane to Vienna took off at 7.15am. We hope the student had a good time in Ireland and that they enjoyed their stay with their host families. Best wishes from the H2 Team in Ireland… Lucy, Jacky, Peter, Brian, Michael,...
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Friday 12.10.2018
Wow, that was quick. The week is coming to an end and the students are in the last of their English lessons. We finish off with a pub quiz, followed by the presentation of certificates and the announcement of the big prize… Student of the Week. This goes to who we think has worked h...
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Thursday, 18.10.2018
It was an early start this morning - the students had to get ready for their departure at 7am! They all waved good-bye to their lovely host families. They had a nice time with them and it was very interesting to spend some time with an Irish family and to gain insight into daily ...
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Friday 12.10.2018 
Wow, that was quick. The week is coming to an end and the students are in the last of their English lessons. We finish off with a pub quiz, followed by the presentation of certificates and the big prize ... Student of the Week. This goes to who we think has worked hard and gai...
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Wednesday, 27.02.2019

The group had an early start at the hostel, leaving at around 4.30am to drive to the airport in Dublin. All went smoothly and the plane took off just in time. The H2 Team - Lucy, Jackie, Peter, Gina, Michael and Lisa - wish them all the best. 

It was lovely to meet you all!&...
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Friday 15.03.2019
It's our final day of school today, and the chance to relax a little in class and maybe do some fun vocabulary activities. At the end of the morning, we will all get together and present certificates to every student, as well as announce the winner of our Student of the Week prizes....
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